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Avi Scientific India

AVI Scientific (India) was established in India in the year 1989. We are leading exporters for Lab Instruments. Our Sister Concern AVI Scientific Calibration & Services has NABL Accreditation. We focus towards customer satisfaction through high Quality and Competitive prices. We have dedicated team for expert business. We have own facilities in house. We give high class quality as yours requirement. We Supply the Lab instruments to pharmaceutical, Chemical, Beverages, R & D, and Quality Control etc. And also export the African, Gulf and Asian countries. MANUFACTURERS AND DEALERS : - Oven, tray Dryer, Incubator, B. O. D. Environmental Chamber, Muffle Furnace, Autoclave, Bunsen Burner, Distilled Water Plant, Water Bath, Const., Temp. Water Bath. Vacuum Pump, Rotary, Shaker, Laminar Flow Etc. Digital Spectrophotometer, Flame Photometer, pH Meter, Conductivity meter, Polari meter, Potentiometers, Microscope, Microtome, Centrifuge, Top Pan Balance etc. OUR SISTER CONCERN : - AVI Chem. Industries AVI Scientific Calibration and Services Dew Drops Foods and Beverages also find us on :- http://www.avi-chem.net/ or http://www.justdial.com/Mumbai/AVI-Scientific-India-Opposite-Khopat-St-Stand-Thane-West/022PXX22-XX22-150622153656-N3M7_BZDET?xid=TXVtYmFpIEFWSSBTY2llbnRpZmljIEluZGlhIFRoYW5lIFdlc3Q=

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Avi Scientific (India) is a leading Manufacturer , Dealer & Exporter of Scientific Instruments. Our Product Range :- Oven Tray Dryer Incubator B.O.D Incubator Environmental Chamber Muffle Furnace Autoclave For more info visit: www.aviscientific.com
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Incubator INR 0 INR AVI Bacteriological Incubator are designed to meet requirement of any Laboratory for cultivation of Bacteria and for Facilitating biological test. CONSTRUCTION : Double walled cabinet of mild steel, Aluminium or Stainless Steel, inner filled with thermal insulation. Double door, Outer metalic double walled and inner glass door. Adjustable crimp wire mesh trays minimise resistance to air convection. Mild Steel cabinets cabinets painted with enamel paint or Powder coating. True 1480066746
B.O.D. Incubator
B.O.D. Incubator INR 0 INR "AVI" make Laboratory B.O.D. Incubator is designed & fabricated to suit various I.S. standards to meet requirements of Bio Chemical Oxygen demand test equipment in the growing field of Medical, Agricultural, Industrial, Research Laboratories, Storage Sensitive Culture, Vaccines, Culture of Bacteria, Microorganism, Serum Incubation, Seed Germination & Various Industries. Features : a) Temperature 5 °C. above ambient to 60 °C b) Digital temperature controller with an accuracy of + / - 0.5 °C. True 1480067123
Vertical Autoclave
Vertical Autoclave INR 0 INR AVI” make Autoclaves are designed and fabricated for steam sterilization process to Kill micro-organism through the application of saturated steam under pressure to suit various I.S. standards application in the growing field of Medical, Agricultural Institution, Bio-Chemical Industrial, Research laboratories and Various Industries. Specifications :- Features Steam Temp. 121.4 °C. at 15 psi. Pressure Controller Mechanically operated pressure/steam release valve. Pressure Guage Analog Dial type Pressure Gauge Steam Outlet Steam generated from the unit is raised and exits thought the electrically operated steam Purging solonide valve from the outlet ( GMP model) True 1480067225
Portable Autoclave
Portable Autoclave INR 0 INR AVI a name of quality and quick service, an asset to Hospitals, Pharmaceutical, Tissue culture, Bio-fertilizer Laboratories and research instituses with modest sterilizing needs, where contaminated objects require sterilization. AVI have made its primary objectives to help fight the spread of infections, caused by pathogenic micro-organisms. We represent most innovative and advanced technologies in our products supported by our most efficient customer support network. True 1480067576
Fully Automatic Hematology Analyzer
Fully Automatic Hematology Analyzer INR 0 INR Fully Automatic Hematology Analyzer (Double Chamber) for complete blood count. Using Principle of electrical resistance for counting & SFT Method for HGB. Accurate & reliable results using digital filtering, blood cell overlap calibration dual way high pressure cleaning, to avoid aperture blocking. Electro hydraulic separation structure design alarm function, auto wiping/cleaning of sample needle. Large storage up to 30 thousand result with histogram. In Built thermal printer and external printer (Optional) True 1480743366
Stability Chamber
Stability Chamber INR 0 INR Stability Chamber offered find application in creating ideal conditions for Industrial component/product research as well as for Bio technical specification tests. Featuring use of accurate as well as reliable chamber for long term high temperature as well as RH testing applications, these are made available in temperature range of 10 c to 60 c with accuracy of _ 0.5 c. These also feature relative humidity range of 35% RH to 95% RH with accuracy of - 3% RH. Here, a positive vertical air circulation also helps in ensuring uniformity in temperature and RH. True 1480744212
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